1.How can we get to Baku Crystal Hall?
This information can be obtained on the main menu of webpage under section CONTACTS.
2.Is Baku Crystal Hall open for visitors on the days when there is no event?
1-5 days of week are working days, 6-7 days are non-working ones, but, nevertheless, arena is open for visitors only on the event days.
3.I forgot my items during event in Crystal Hall. How can I get it back?
You can contact us on the numbers provided in section CONTACTS of the main menu.
4.How can I buy the tickets to the announced sporting events or concert?
Announcements are provided with links, on clicking to which you can buy the tickets.
5.Is there any bank or ATM cash machines around arena?
This information can be obtained in section CRYSTAL HALL – FOR VISITORS. In addition, “MilliÖn” и “Asan” payment terminals are installed in the arena.
6.Can I come to Baku Crystal Hall on the private car? İs there any parking zone next to arena?
This information can be obtained in section CRYSTAL HALL – FOR VISITORS.
7.Is there any grocery shop or café near the arena?
There are points of sale inside the arena operating during the events. Outside Crystal Hall the nearest store is located on Bailovo.
8.Is it allowed to come to the event (sport competitions, concerts) with small children? İs there any minimum age limit?
Minimum age limit is determined by the organisers, depending on the content of the event. In general, the age limit is above 18.
9.Is there any cafe or restaurant around?
Yes, there is a lounge bar and cafe in the arena.
10.Is there any job vacancy at the moment?
No, if any, then the job vacancy will be announced on the website.
11.Have you created conditions for people with physical disabilities?
Yes, we considered people with physical disabilities. Thus, the ingresses and egresses, as well as emergency exits, lifts, toilets and other zones are completely suitable for the people with physical disabilities.